Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail is available on the Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded on ANY Chrome device. 

I will be the first person to admit it. My Gmail is a mess. Actually it was a mess. A mess of randomly starred emails, abandoned labels which I had given up on and emails which I knew were important, but after staring at them for long enough, I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why.

However, much like all good blog posts, there is a happy ending – although, my Prince Charming comes in the form of an extension that allows me to drag and drop my emails into personalised lists so I can keep track of what I am doing (and why I am doing it). Not only that (yes, it gets better), I can also rename email subjects so I know exactly what they are and there is a to-do list for emails that I can mark as complete when I am done with them instead of dragging them to a label – it’ll be more exciting when you try it out.

If you still aren’t 100% ready to install the app… check out the interface.


As you can see, the layout is pretty simple – I have been told it looks a lot like Microsoft Outlook which defeats the object of it being a Gmail skin. However, if you can get past this then it will definitely be worth it.

Overall Usefulness:

  • Rename subject headers to find emails quicker
  • Create lists to help filter your emails and create quick to-do lists
  • Drag and drop your emails to prioritise 
  • No outside links – everything works within Gmail