Below I have attached a working template of a Student Progress Tracker that can be used when checking students achievements through the year and can be used to show students what they have and have not completed.

Please feel free to download and use the Tracker – to save to your Google Drive, click below and make a copy.

Student Progress Tracker

I have incorporated a little coding into the Google Sheets as they have an important role in the process of the tracker – below I have explained some of the features.

How to use:

  • Alter all text in the ‘UNIT’ cells and the ‘STUDENT’ cells to fit with your desired use.

You can add more rows / columns by clicking the NUMBERED row or LETTERED column, right clicking and selecting ‘add new row/column below/above to your left/right – this can be useful for extra students or extra units / assignment breakdowns or projects.

You can delete rows / columns by clicking the NUMBERED row or LETTERED column, right clicking and selecting ‘delete column/row’ – this can be useful if there are too many listed students / units.

You can delete multiple rows / columns by selecting multiple NUMBERED rows or LETTERED columns, right clicking and selecting ‘delete row/column letter to letter‘.

  • The ‘Progress Checker’ (next to students names) cell works based on the progress and completion of units by the student – there are cells that co-operate with both the student and the unit to ensure proper tracking is taking place and therefore the cells offer a drop down function that allow you to select whether or not the unit is complete or incomplete.

Red – the progress checker will turn red if the tasks incomplete units cell is greater than the completed units cell.

Purple – the progress checker will turn purple if the tasks complete units cell is equal to the incomplete units cell (the cells will be purple to begin with).

Green – the progress checker will turn green if the completed units cell is greater than the incomplete units cell.

  • For the units, there are drop down menus which will mark the task as ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’ depending on which you select.

Dark red – the cells listed ‘incomplete’ will turn dark red.

Dark Green – the cells listed as ‘complete’ will turn dark green.

The ‘Complete’ and ‘Incomplete’ cell will automatically update depending on the text you select in the units drop down field.

I think that is all! If you have any issues/queries about the tracker, feel free to comment below or tweet me @CharlieJamess9