Boomerang Calendar is available on the Chrome Web Store and is able to be downloaded on any Chrome browser / device.

My calendar gets busy pretty quickly (it runs in the team) so when I get meeting requests or have to decide a time to train Ts on Edtech, things can get messy. Good thing Boomerang Calendar is here to save the day.

Boomerang Calendar integrates with your Google Calendar and your Google Mail to suggest dates and times for your meetings and you’re able to send your availability within a click as it is available as you write your email.

Compose an email and you will notice three little icons at the bottom. 


The three little icons can help you save time. The left one helps you to suggest a meeting with someone you are talking to – it will bring up a pop up of your Calendar and allow you to select a time that you are free. The middle icon will copy your Google Calendar into the email allowing the other person to see your availability for the next few days. The final, right icon will allow you to share your next week availability with the person you are emailing.

Overall Usefulness:

  • Plan meetings that do not overlap inside Gmail
  • Share your Calendar with someone so they can see when you’re free
  • View your Calendar inside Gmail
  • Click on highlighted times and dates and Boomerang will then add this to your Gmail