Google Forms is a brilliant tool created by Google with multiple uses. Within the College, we use it for Exit Tickets, Late Tickets, Filtering Spreadsheets, Nomination Forms, Time-sheets and more. Its many abilities helps us to stay within Google to create the multiple things we need, so here are five ways you can get the most out of Google Forms.

1: Add Collaboratorsadd collaborators

Google Forms hides its ‘Share’ button well, hiding underneath ‘Add Collaborators’ which is found once you click on the three little dots in between ‘Send’ and your Google+ display picture. By adding collaborators, helps you create your form faster and it uses the same great real-time experience like the rest of the apps within G-Suite.

2: Collect Email Addresses

collect email address

Google Forms offers an option to automaticallycollect the email address the respondent used to fill out the form, this gives you the opportunity to email them back regarding their response if and when necessary. This will also help you recognise who has replied to your form if there is no name field… With this, I would always tick the ‘Respondent Receipts’ check box so the respondent will get an email of all of their answers.

You can find this option by clicking on the settings cog and ticking the ‘Collect Email Address’ check box under General.

3. Show Progress Bars

progress bar

Working in education, we make a lot of forms and sometimes these forms can be for progress tracking or training purposes. Including a progress bar helps the respondent know where they are and whether they are at the beginning, in the middle or almost at the end. It is always nice to know how far you have left before finishing a form as well as gamifying the use of forms, so the progress bar is really nice for Google Forms.

You can find this option by clicking on the settings cog and ticking the ‘Show Progress Bar’ check box under Presentation.

4. Create a quiz

Screenshot 2017-04-25 at 4.36.34 PM.png

Make your form a quiz and offer auto-marking and point values for questions. This can be a good way of testing your learners knowledge as well as helping them revise for upcoming tests, etc. We used a Google Forms quiz during our Induction where we taught our learners about Digital Reputation and how it can affect them, at the end of watching an Edpuzzle, they took a short quiz which helped them learn more and revise what they had just learnt.

You can make your form into a quiz by clicking on the settings cog and ticking the ‘Make this a quiz’ checkbox which will automatically configure your form to these settings.

5. Embed your form onto your site

Screenshot 2017-04-25 at 4.42.04 PM

We embed forms onto sites so those who visit our site can get more involved with what we are doing – whether they take the Induction form we created or whether you would like to collect information for students for nominations or a knowledge test. To embed your form into your site, all you need to do is embed the HTML into your site, depending on whether you have created your site or used a website developer (like Weebly) will depend on how you get the form onto your site.

To get the HTML code, go to ‘Send’ and then click on the embed icon that looks like a <>, copy and paste the HTML URL and add to your site accordingly.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you use Google Forms more interactively.