I recently did a blog post on How to Get The Most Out of Google Forms and thought I would extend that out to even more things that you can do with Google Forms.

The following tips will help to make your Google Form more interactive:

1. Go to Section Based on Answer

go to section

For more complex forms, you may need to send your students and respondents to a different section of the form based on what they have selected on the original question.

To do this is simple, next to the required option there are three little vertical dots that will provide you with more options when clicked. Click on these and select ‘Go to Section Based on Answer’ which will bring up an option next to your answers that will allow you to redirect the respondent based on the answer they have selected.

2. Data Validation

data validation

In some forms, you will need to specify what exactly it is you want the respondent to reply with, whether this be a number that is specifically seven digits long or has to be between 1 and 10, data validation will help you with this.

To do this, go to the three little vertical dots besides the required field and select ‘Data Validation’ – please note that this will only work if you have selected either of the following quiz options: Short Answer, Long Answer and Checkboxes.

3. File Upload

upload a file

This option is brilliant if you want students to be able to upload files to your Form which can be used in a variety of ways which can be to gain what students have completed within the lesson or research tasks.

To get this option, all you will have to do is change the question type which will be set to ‘Multiple Choice’ to ‘File Upload’ which will then allow your students to upload files to the form.

4. Multiple-Choice Grid

multiple-choice grids

If you want to check progress and ensure students know what they are doing within their sessions, a quick quiz include multiple choice grids helps learners to understand their learning as well as to help teachers check their progression.

To access Multiple-Choice grid, change the question type on the drop down menu and fill in the options as they go.


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