SO…. I am writing a new blog post today. This is because I think it is worth talking about my productive days and my not so productive days.

I have always known about Canva, but always chose to use PiktoChart instead as I am quite picky when it comes to new edtech and I tend to stick to what I know (which is why I am known to get very defensive about Google – because it is so, so, so, so, so, good) and Weebly as a website developer over Wix, WordPress.

I started playing around with Canva to create some revision posters for the College and to promote the revision sessions and websites that we have created for learners.

But then I found the template gallery of all template galleries.

There is everything here. Everything you may need to do pretty much anything. Documents, posters, infographics, marketing materials, social media headers, blog headers, logos, email headers, event flyers, advertisements and many, many more. So, I decided to make some… and now I cannot stop.

I have created YouTube thumbnails for the sake of creating YouTube thumbnails pretty much all day – starting with ‘I am just creating them for the channel relaunch’, to ‘OMG, we can do this, and this, and I will make the thumbnails for all of them‘. SScreenshot 2018-04-28 at 21.21.50.png

See what I mean? That’s not even all of them.

I also decided to create some posters for our Games/ Media classrooms as we lack equality and diversity, I feel, especially in our Games department and as we are growing in female applicants to the College in the Games course, I feel it is only necessary that we start promoting the women in Games Development as well as the men. So I have created these:

JobRolesintheGamesIndustry (2)JobRolesintheGamesIndustry (1)JobRolesintheGamesIndustry

And honestly… I plan to create SO MANY MORE.

If you haven’t used Canva yet, I definitely suggest giving it a try – and getting your students too, as well. It is beyond easy to use, all you have to do is select a layout and just replace with your own. I will definitely be making a video on how easy it is to use and create brilliant graphics.

And on that note, I leave you to go and explore the wonderfulness that is Canva.

I’ll even leave you the link.

See you next time I get overly excited about something amazing.