This week has dragged but has also gone quite quickly and I am incredibly excited about it being the weekend, – why? So I can sleep and work on the BCoT Digital site.

I was able to update it today, adding bits for invisible categories that don’t exist yet as I am waiting for Ashley, one of our Digital Leaders at the College, to work her graphical magic and create us some new, purple icons for the website. I am also working on ensuring that we have enough edtech reviews for all of the current apps and tools that people are 1) physically overwhelmed with all of the information and 2) know that that piece of edtech they’ve selected is definitely for them.

I also managed to get Digital Leader of the week back up and running (so well done to Jay, who is absolutely brilliant, and currently working on creating a Google Sheets for Beginners website which you can find here), and hopefully I will be able to start completing the email every week too for info that everyone needs to know. It’s good to be back up and running and celebrating everyone in the team.

Speaking of back up and running, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending the Maths meetings the past two weeks and cannot wait for the English ones to be up and running. I am incredibly eager to continue to help create more English and Maths revision resources for all of the learners who are sitting their resits. I have made some new posters which we have put up across the campuses which I think will be incredibly useful to learners and have had some good feedback on from staff members (including staff who are not GCSE lecturers).

I am hoping to work with the English and Maths team a lot next year as it is something I really enjoy. I love creating resources, helping students and motivating them so they know they can do it. We are still working on getting the revision cards sorted but due to the overwork, we are all quite tired and over them – however, from next week, I will be ensuring all teachers have them and they’re available in the Blended Learning zones as well as attending lessons to see where I can help.

In regards to the teaching side, I am close to the end of my Level 4 now which I am quite struggling with but I know I can do it, and I will do it, so I am going to do it. I am currently facilitating Blended Learning for the Games students as they use video tutorials to learn how to create Blueprints in Unreal Engine; the learners seem to be getting the hang of it but it is my mission to make it slightly more engaging as some of my learners aren’t too keen! I have stopped teaching now which is just in time as I have had all of my observations for my course (including 2 Grade 2 observations!) which seems like a giant relief.

I also am incredibly excited for Teach Meet in Reading and Education Fest.

See you next time, blog.