This isn’t going to be a long post.
This is going to be a post because I feel like I had such a good day and want to document it.

Why was it a good day?
Let me tell you why.

1st: Scott tagged me in a tweet and asked me to create a Google Translate spreadsheet for our ESOL team: this is just awesome within itself. I loooove spreadsheets. I loooove working with spreadsheets. I’ve had such a good week with spreadsheets. I taught Scott how to con-cat-ten-ate this week and it was so… lovely. And now he is a master. It makes me very happy.

2nd: I got to be active on the social media by doing several live streams. I love doing live streams – I love it because although I have shaky hands and aren’t great, it helps me to practice. Practice is really good for you. It develops you. Helps you to grow. I live streamed one of the chefs coming in to do chocolate work which is available on the @BCoTD1g1tal Twitter and YouTube channel. I also live streamed (which ended up being taken over by Bradders as I ended up helping capture photographs for Marketing) the fire brigade cutting a student out of a car – it was soooo cool!

3rd: I spent the rest of the afternoon helping our lovely access students out with their assignment due in tonight. They had to record audio and add it into their PowerPoints. It was so lovely to help and I am really excited to help even more. I love the feeling you get when you train someone, or a group of people, on something new. Plus I was called a star about 80 million times which is always lovely.

It was just a good day. I felt like it was incredibly unproductive but I think it’s because I was doing the stuff I love and it makes it feel less like work. I love those days. I love my job. I love helping teachers and students, I love making an impact, I love enhancing teaching and learning and I love my job. I get to do all of the things I love, like making spreadsheets, helping people, creating maths puns and practicing the skills I want to develop, and I get paid for it, in an apprenticeship, and it is amazing. I am so grateful of being able to do the things I love every day.

It is just a good day.

See you tomorrow – I have another Sheets blog post that you won’t want to miss if you want to learn some neat new tricks.

Thanks for reading.