I tried to live stream this the other day on my Twitter but the quality was awful and you couldn’t really see what I was doing!

Therefore, I’ve made it into a gif using Screencastify Editor (which is finally working after a long email thread and a lot of confusion).

I was teaching the other day, and one of my students asked if I could freeze the column in the Google Sheet so he could see all of the playlists as his name is further along than everyone elses’ and he can’t see what he’s supposed to be doing.

I said, “If? I? Freeze? The? Column? Can you show me how to do that?” because I am all up for learning and he did what is shown in the gif below…

Freeze column

This is amazing! I had no idea this was even possible and now it can be useful for my progress trackers and for so many other things!

I thought I’d share it because it’s an incredibly useful tip and it goes to show… you can learn a lot from your learners!

Thanks for reading!