We attended Reading Teach Meet last week where Anshi hosted a wonderful Teach Meet filled with different educators from around the UK. I have never been to Reading before so this was a really cool opportunity for me alongside meeting brilliant educators.

We were able to catch up with Mark who used to work here at the College but transferred to another College last year.

During the presentations, one of the presenters did a presentation where they inferred that you don’t really know what you know (I know) and then proceeded to do a trick where they pulled a cloth out under a glass which didn’t knock the glass over… then Sam had a go…

The great and brilliant James Kieft also asked me for a selfie which is awesome sauce! It was so great to catch up with him!

Really delayed and I think photos speak better than words so mainly just lots and lots of pictures with brief descriptions for this post.

Thanks to Anshi for hosting a brilliant Teach Meet. I have so many ideas I have stolen from leaving English and maths starter questions on the board so the next class have to work it out to blowing up exam questions and get learners to collaborate using board markers to work out the answers.

I can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you for reading!