I presented English & maths in Teacher Briefing on Tuesday. Presenting in front of people is something I am becoming more and more confident with from when I started facilitating Games Development back in February last year. I was still nervous as presenting in front of 26 learners is different to presenting 100+ teachers, especially considering I am younger and for me, I would hate for anyone to think I am telling them what to do – I love learning from other teachers, I love improving and want to learn from everyone around me.

I presented these English & maths slides showcasing what the team have done for English & maths as well as edtech we could use to help enhance it for learners. It all was taken down very well with staff as we have had so many more students accessing our maths website and our English website, more requests for our revision cards (E & M) and requests to show learners the different technology they can use to enhance their learning.

Next was the surprise trip to London where we got to meet with Mindful Education to see the sort of thing they do. It was really cool. Essentially, if you don’t know, Mindful Education create engaging, half-animated, half-human instructional videos created by industry experts and moulded together to create interactive videos that have been proven to keep students motivated and do well in their exams. From the backend, you can see where students have gone back to rewatch and how many times they have watched it which is incredibly useful for teachers and to see where students are struggling or may not. This is incredibly useful and massively student focused as well as saves teachers a lot of time!

I’ve never been to London before (except for when I go to events) so I have never really explored it. Luckily, Sky is a superstar tour guide (self proclaimed) and we explored the beauty of London (and she let me be a complete tourist). I think photos will explain better than I could in words… so let the photos do the talking!

Most of them were awkwardly stolen off of my Instagram as I took them directly on Instagram so please excuse the awkward screenshot edges.

By the way, those were unicorn slushies. So even more important than regular slushies!!

Anyway, I’ll say that’s enough for this blog post & I shall see all you soon for the #TMReading18 post! Thank you for reading!