Hello! I have been playing with Google Sheets more recently, as part of our new Digital Induction, and I have learned some cool new features (including Macros assigned to a button which will be its own post in a week).

I am going to jump straight in: so here we go!

1. Select the cells in the column you wish the checkboxes to appear:

Progress Tracker - Google Sheets

2. Go to ‘Format’ and then to ‘Conditional Formatting’. Select ALL of the cells you want to automatically change when you complete an action (like I have done below) The change the drop down from ‘Cell is not empty’ to ‘Custom formula is’: 

Progress Tracker - Google Sheets (1)

3. Type in this formula – ‘ = $B3 = TRUE ‘

Progress Tracker - Google Sheets (2)

Mine is B3 but yours may be C8 or G2… it doesn’t matter, just change B3 to the cell you want to start the colour changing magicalness from.

4. Press ‘Save’ and get checking off your to do list!

Progress Tracker - Google Sheets (3)

Thanks for reading along!