Here are our slides where we presented how Gen Z’s are the future and how we need to support them with their learning in 2019. Presented alongside Learning Technologist, Sky Caves, and presentation credit shared with Learning Technologist, Holly Hunt.

Click here for the slides.

I had such a good day today! Got the train to Waterloo by myself (2nd time), then tube by myself (1st time – which is soo good considering I’m terrified!) then walked all the way to the ExCel (who knew the DLR was a thing – not me) and managed to speak to some really cool people, then took to the stage to present all the good things about being #GenZ and how we enable learners to learn their way on the #Google stage! Also I’m known by name by the #CenturyTech team and have been able to get a school and two colleges over to the CENTURY side. What a day.