Today is the day I finally became a Jambassador!

Lisa picked me up from Oxford train station and we had a chat as she was driving us to the shooting school. I was really nervous as I hadn’t really been shooting before but it was quite fun! It was a very good experience and something definitely out of my comfort zone and I am really glad I went.

After, we had lunch and discussed all things Jamboard – one of my favourite topics. It was nice to be in a room with other educators who wanted to use this giant piece of kit to enhance teaching and learning, as well as Lisa who wanted feedback to improve it for education. I do love companies who are invested in their customers – especially within education – because it shows that they really do care and want their product to work. The Jamboard was originally for businesses, but has changed for the education sector and it will just change more as the sectors needs change.

If you use Twitter, and look at the #Jamboard tag, it’s incredible to see the lessons that are already coming to life. I would definitely recommend reaching out to these educators and other Jambassadors as their ideas are fab and you’ll definitely learn something.