I recently did an episode with Steve, Dan and Ben from the EduFuturists’ podcast (which I really recommend)! Here is the podcast.

I have also included the playlist in this blog post so you can listen (I’m #53!):

Edufuturists #163 – Talking Cod Collaboration Edufuturists

Tonight’s episode is a collab. We are delighted to be joined by Phil, Andy & Dave, also known as the Talking Cod lads from the podcast Talking Cod. You can subscribe to the Talking Cod podcast on your podcast app. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/edufuturistspodcast/message
  1. Edufuturists #163 – Talking Cod Collaboration
  2. Edufuturists #162 – High Performance Education with Jo Maher
  3. Edufuturists #161 – Why Staff Training is Important with May Jue
  4. Edufuturists #160 – AI and Sustainability in Education with Lord Jim Knight
  5. Edufuturists #159 – Edtech Can Make Life Better with Alice Keeler