This year I was really lucky to be able to support alongside the Students’ Union. We managed to get a full team this year, and just like NUS, a full, female team.

Our first event was the annual Freshers’ Fair. Last year, it didn’t go so well. We had a couple of stalls and students weren’t too interested. This year, through planning and endless phone calls, I think we have managed to pull it off.

Although, we kept our usual stalls, we also brought in stalls raising awareness for LGBTQ+ and safe sex, as well as, a new TOTUM stall for the students to gain access to student discounts.

One of the highlights of the Freshers’ Fair was definitely the gladiator bouncy castle that so many of our students took advantage of. We managed to get a lot of good pictures and videos which are available on the Instagram – just type in bcotsu!

I am really happy about the success of Freshers’ Fair 2019. There were a few hiccups but nothing we couldn’t quickly fix. I am really happy that all of the students had fun and reported that even returning students thought it was better than any previous ones!