Today I held a bake sale in aid of Young Minds annual campaign #HelloYellow. The idea is that everyone taking part wears yellow to raise awareness for young people’s mental health.

I always try and do something every year to raise awareness – and if possible, vital funds – for this annual campaign and this year, I was lucky enough to be able to hold a small bake sale.

I had lots of different yellow cakes and I had fun personalising the posters, the ‘invites’ and the dietary warnings for each of the cakes – some were vegan, some contained dairy or eggs. I really tried to make the bake sale as inclusive as possible – just like what Young Minds do with their fundraisers and goals.

I held the event over lunch-time and sold the cakes for about 40p each (only had one complaint on the cakes being too expensive!). I made sure to leave counselling booklets out so students and staff could come up and take a counselling leaflet so they could join our counselling service if they felt they would benefit. I also had booklets covering different mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, etc. I wanted to make sure that the sale wasn’t just about the cakes, but also making it easy for people to gain support if they need it. I also had some colouring because we love a bit mindfulness.

In all, I managed to raise Β£50.51 for the fundraiser, which I think is pretty good for my first fundraiser. I am really excited about holding more and I want to make sure I continue to spread awareness about young people and their mental health.