One of our first events held at BCoT, the C-Learning event was fab for getting to know the different pieces of tech we could use in our new Learning Hub. We were introduced to the Jamboard (one of my absolute favourite pieces of tech), the Tab 10 and some other bits and bobs.

Although, I didn’t present, I did take advantage of the fun-filled day. There were lots of CPD and networking opportunities and I managed to learn more about the Jamboard and ask about potentially becoming a Jambassador.

The event started with Jamie Smith, from C-Learning, introducing the theme of the CPD event and the other speakers, as well as the workshops that were being held. The main topics of the presentations were explaining how the use of technology had enhanced teaching and learning at the respective universities and colleges that the speakers had been invited from.

The lunch was set up by the wonderful Hospitality and Catering students and there were lots of good reviews about the lunch which is brilliant as our students worked hard to ensure all food was to a good quality, requirements were met and everyone had a good time.

I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked but I got to meet new, interesting people that will help me on my journey to becoming a great teacher and being the person I needed when I was in education.

We were lucky to have a lot of varied tech and workshops, as well as experienced speakers.

10.00 Arrival & refreshments

10.30 Welcome to Basingstoke College – Anthony Bravo ( CEO / Principal )

10.40 Innovation & the Cloud – Jamie Smith

10.50 Inspiring Cloud Creativity – Shaun Reeves

11.05 Co-designing Digital Pedagogy with FE staff – Scott Hayden

11.20 Impact & Benefits – Panel

12.00 Breakout sessions x 3

12.45 Lunch and Jamboard – VR demos

1.30 Breakout sessions x 3

2.15 Future Developments – Panel

3.00 Closing Words