What an event.

My second time presenting, this time on behalf of CENTURY Tech, alone (ish) and I think I might have got too excited. I danced my way through the presentation which I tried to keep as short as possible so I wouldn’t overrun (I did).

What was quite alarming was my maths teacher was in the room when I was presenting and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

I planned to talk about my resit journey and how my maths teacher was incredible in supporting me one-to-one and helping me specifically with what I needed help with. Richard (my maths teacher) learned early on that while I could do the maths, I struggled in exam settings. Luckily, as our maths class was only 10 people, Richard was able to support me in lesson by giving me work that was more to what I needed to work on rather than forcing me to sit through the same thing I had been through for the last 3 years.

I explained this in the presentation (which was caught on video – I didn’t know I was being filmed) and I wanted to present the story in a way of how these one-to-ones and extra time can really benefit even the learners who have given up. I had given up. On that day, I had a student beside me, watching, who had given up.

I never used CENTURY as a student but I wish I had it when I was 15 and struggling with maths. When I was passed onto different sets because no-one knew what to do with me. When everyone had given up and told me there was no point revising because I probably wouldn’t have passed anyway.

CENTURY would have let me learn at my own pace. CENTURY would have given my teachers the information they needed to know where I was struggling. CENTURY would have given my teachers the time back they spent markeing and creating initial diagnostics and progress tests and more time with me to support me and make me feel comfortable in exam conditions. CENTURY would have helped me to believe in myself. I would never have had to sit the same exam 5 times expecting a different result.

Here is the video so you can fully judge my dancing and out-of-breath ranting about resits and how lucky I was to have a supportive maths teacher and how lucky our students are to have software that supports not only them but our teachers to give them back time to do the things they love.