I was very nervous about having to fly alone for the first time. I had been on a plane within the last two ish months but I had never been on a plane alone. I had the usual worries of missing the flight or the train, or the airport paranoia that never really makes much sense, but I was really pleased when I boarded the plane by myself: I had done it. I had boarded a plane by myself. Although, proud of myself, I obviously forgot the actual flying part, but the worst bit – landing – I thankfully missed by sneezing at the same time as landing.

I think back to moments like this. Flying on a plane on my own, when before my apprenticeship, I had never been on a plane, or left the country without a guardian, and here I was, in Ireland, a completely new country, completely alone. It was early, I hadn’t eaten and although immensely proud of myself, the worry started kicking in again.

The worries quickly faded as soon as Laura picked me up. She drove me to Antrim letting me know that she didn’t know why the airport was called Belfast International when it wasn’t actually situated in Belfast. I was excited for the day ahead and I had every right to be.

Texthelp HQ stretched over two buildings, and I was lucky enough to be able to see both offices and meet and greet the team in each. The day started off with seeing how the products worked, being shown new features (shh!) and I even had a demonstration of how EquatIO worked and the bits and bobs I may not have seen before. I definitely learned a lot and was grateful to contribute ideas I had in embedding EquatIO within other software.

I was also able to sit down with the Marketing team to discuss getting students to become ambassadors for Read&Write and EquatIO which I think is a fab idea. We also discussed attention spans and creating new videos to explain how EquatIO worked which was quite cool! I liked how they took in my feedback and wanted to learn from me as someone who has sat the exam as well as someone who works with teachers and students.

I feel as if my trip to Texthelp really showed me the type of company they are. They love feedback and they love getting to know the people they work for (us!). They want to make sure their products are perfect for the teachers and students who use it and I am proud to use their products and promote them as much as possible. Coming back from the trip, it made me happy that the college work with Texthelp and we have such a good relationship. Their student-centred achievements and philosophies inspires me and makes me love creating resources. I can’t wait to show our Maths team the new tips and tricks I’ve learnt and to use EquatIO to build a digital Maths curriculum for our incoming students.