“After months of delay the 2018 Apprenticeship Pay Survey has finally been released. We are pleased to see an overall increase in apprenticeship wages in Wales since 2016, except for hairdressers, which is a running theme throughout the report.

“However, underpayment of apprentices is also on the rise. Almost a fifth of apprentices were illegally underpaid in Wales, rising to two fifths of hairdressing apprentices. At NSoA we reject the idea of “non-malicious” underpayment; employers illegally underpaying apprentices isn’t new and isn’t going away. The sanctions for the illegal underpayment of apprentices are simply too weak, and it’s not good enough to say sorry and pay back stolen wages.

“The report also looks at the training apprentices receive. It’s time to put paid to the myth of earning while you learn. Less than half of apprentices in Wales receive a day’s training a week and, shockingly, only 23% of women receive any training at all. This is the lowest rate in the UK – and half the rate in England. Let that sink in; Welsh women received less training than apprentices anywhere else in the UK.

“Apprentices in Wales deserve better.”

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