Recently, I have been looking into creating maths tutorials for the website and the self-marking quizzes I produce. I thought they would be great for adding to the quizzes to support students when they get an answer incorrect, as it means they will be able to see where they went wrong. I initially started to use our Jamboard and managed to attach it through Camtasia, however, this did start becoming a bit of an issue with how long it takes to connect it up, upload it, etc etc.

So I took to an iPad with the Jamboard app, and with the iPad recording feature, I was basically set. Although, mistakes are bound to happen and after asking our Apple expert, Bradders, he suggested using iMovie to edit the clips. This was great. I had the whole set up and it took less time meaning I would be able to produce more videos quickly.

So how do I do it?

You will need an iPad or a tablet where you can download the Jamboard app, alternatively, you can use Explain Everything. I’d also recommend getting a stylus as it makes it a lot easier to write on the tablet.

I used questions from past papers for the self-marking quizzes but if you’re mathsy enough to think of your own questions, that’s even better. I’ll be honest, I worked out the answers before working them out on the tablet (just because I still have my off days with maths), so having it all worked out might be easier.

You can enable the screen-capture feature on an iPad by following these instructions. This makes it a ton easier to record as you can access it through iPad’s shortcut feature.

Once you have your question, whether you have it answered in front of you or not, you just need to press record (you can turn on microphone by holding down the record button) and get to work!

When you’ve finished your tutorial, run it through iMovie to edit any mistakes if you have any (or at least to crop out the stopping and starting recording) and from iMovie, save it back to your gallery and upload it straight to Google Drive or YouTube!

Video tutorials are incredibly useful and can really support students when learning new topics, or even just revising them. I’d recommend keeping a tutorial to one question per video in order to keep attention. If a video is longer than 2 minutes, it’s likely the student isn’t going to want to watch it. I try to keep mine between 30 seconds and a minute where possible and just get straight to the point.

I think these tutorials can be used across most courses and are great for reminding students about particular things. Apps like Jamboard and Explain Everything have their own features which can really bring tutorials to life. I stick to using them as a whiteboard and then using the iPad to record, but especially with Explain Everything, there are so many more features you can play with.

Let me know what you think by tweeting me @CharlieJamess9 and I’ll see you next time!