A Google Quiz (using Google Forms) is one of the easiest ways to save time and formatively assess your learners. I get asked to create a lot of Google Quizzes and I am quite quick at it. I am not against a Google Form either, I’m usually asked to create the Students’ Union Election form, the Learner Surveys and feedback forms for our apprenticeship unit.

Our Construction department, namely Painting and Decorating, do love a good Google Quiz and every once in a while, our P&D lecturer will kindly send me an email with about 5 attachments on a paper-based quiz she needs digitising. I manage to save the trees in about an hour tops and now we have a pretty good relationship and it has led to her asking other ways I can save her time marking but also understand the progress her students are making.

I personally love creating Google Quizzes and I would happily do it for a living if my manager let me. However, I know it’s also important to share the wisdom of the self-marking quiz which is why I am blogging this handy to-do. Please read on to find out how you can create your own self-marking Google Quiz and formatively assess your students without having to plaster 100 ticks.