As we slowly gain more technology, it becomes more of a hassle booking things out. As you may know I do love to create things to make the teams life a bit easier (such as Request Forms, and a sign out sheet I made once upon a time), so to support with the new technology increasingly being booked out, Holly and I created an online booking Google Form resource.

We didn’t do anything fancy – and this resource can defintely use some adding to – because we just wanted to keep it simple.

Step 1: Create your Google Form.

Step 2: Add every single piece of technology you own onto the Google Form.

Step 3: If you have more than one piece of text, add an option question that asks how many of the item the person needs – for example, a teacher might need 30 headphones for her class.

Step 4: Add any additional info you need, such as name/course/when they need it/when they will bring it back – you can add a date function to the Google Form to make it easier for the staff or student to book the item.

Step 5: Once you’re happy, go to Responses and click the little, green Sheets icon to turn your responses into a spreadsheet.

Step 6: On the spreadsheet, at the end of each row that needs to be filled in by the Form, add a checkbox. This can be so you can ‘check’ that the item has been returned.

Step 7: When you’re all done and ready, send out your booking form! We tagged all of our equipment so we can see who had which item (which we added to the spreadsheet after) so that’s a good piece of advice that we didn’t think about beforehand!

I know the step by step guide is a bit basic but our first form was. I like the idea of doing a guide on a basic form so that you can develop it to how you see fit. Nonetheless, I hope it has been helpful and I shall see you next time!