I offer no explanation except TikTok is fun to use and I understand the hype. However, instead of showing off my cool dance moves, I have been creating GCSE maths tutorials using TikTok.

I started by getting a past paper and just completing the question. You only have 60 seconds to do it, so I’d take advantage of the stop feature. What I did was record a segment, stop it, then continue. For example, if I did a question on stem and leaf, I’d draw the diagram, add in the numbers on the left, then film myself crossing off the numbers and adding them to the diagram, and then adding the key. The hardest part was finding music because I don’t really listen to the radio anymore (my bad) and I wasn’t even sure what music would accompany a video on maths. A downfall is I had to lock the comments as there were a LOT of negative comments from the first video just about the level of maths.

I have made a few drafts (as they’re really easy to make and they’re quite addictive) which I plan to schedule through to the first exam.

Although, I found it difficult, I think we need to start seeing TikTok as another video-sharing platform, like we did Vine. Our students are using it and we should be too – not to infiltrate their environment, but just to use as a video-sharing platform like we do with YouTube and like we do with other social media accounts. I know my manager, Scott Hayden, has created a Creatives Studios BCoT TikTok account showcasing the work the media, art and games students create and I think it’s a brilliant tool to do just that.