Holly and I went to the West Berkshire Training Consortium to train apprentices on using social media in a business context. I was really excited about this because I personally love social media and have been completely courses in digital marketing.

We created the slides and I enjoyed researching into the different social media demographics and learning how each platform can be used to support marketing for different target audiences.

I was also very excited because of the idea of training apprentices. As a former apprentice, and a member of the National Society of Apprentices, I am always eager to meet and support apprentices in any way I possibly can.

We decided to do a presentation and get the apprentices as hands-on as we possibly could. Armed with flip paper, pens, and a Chromebook, we set to Newbury to train the apprentices.

Here are the slides.

As you can see, we included a match task to get the apprentices understanding the different social media platforms, and we took into consideration the businesses they currently work with to give a real-life context. We then got them to start thinking about brand, logos and other things they’d need to consider when making marketing materials to reach their, or their businesses’ target audience. Our final activity was the most exciting – getting them to use flip chart paper to create their own advert which was incredible. Unfortunately, we lost the photos so I can’t show the fantastic work the apprentices produced.