Google Keep is an incredible tool that just keeps getting better. I love Keep to take notes, capture images, scan in text, or keep checklists of blog ideas as they come and go. I have noticed that not everyone knows the full ability of Google Keep and how you can use it to make you an organised wizard. Therefore, I share with you, 5 things you should do with Google Keep.

  1. Use Remind Me to remind you about certain things. I like to use it for blog ideas and remembering to post. So for example, I will have this blog post and then I will set the reminder to remind me when I need to post. This can also be used for notes to go through when you’re back in the office or a list you need when out and about.
  2. Add Images to your Keep notes. I mentioned it before above, but within the team, we like to add images to our notes so people back at base can see what’s going on and get ideas.
  3. Add drawings to your Keep note for recalling info, or drawing design ideas. I have used it in the past when I had a sudden idea at an NSoA event for a BCoT Digital redesign… ideas will pop up at random times and you need to be prepared.
  4. Pin notes to the top so you 1) never forget about them 2) never lose them! Some notes you can leave at the bottom as they’re just random and probably don’t make a lot of sense. I keep teaching ideas and blog post ideas pinned for easy-access when I have ideas and I’m on the go.
  5. We discovered Category Tabs for Google Keep so long ago that I sometimes forget it’s not just part of Google Keep. This Chrome extension will let you use the colour coded notes to keep them organised under different sections – which you can rename to anything you like. I love sectioning out my Keep notes for the different websites, maths ideas, teaching ideas, and blog ideas.

I hope these 5 useful tips for Google Keep have been beneficial. There are a ton of things you can do with Google Keep so do keep an eye out for more posts!

See you next time 🙂