If you know me, you know I love Jamboard. One day, I would love to hold the Jambassador title but until then, I will just be its #1 fan.

I believe the Jamboard has so many uses for creativity and collaboration. I am especially eager to use it in maths as I think it will be perfect for sharing what has happened in lessons so students have recaps e.g. if Joe, our maths teacher, worked out an equation, he could save the ‘Jam’ and students would continue to have access to it.

I always struggle when trying to explain my love for the Jamboard. I think there are too many reasons to list because of its versatility. It really puts to shame other interactive whiteboards just purely for what you can do with it. It’s clean, it’s sleek, it uses artificial intelligence, it saves to your Drive, you can share it with students… students can share it with you.

I strongly believe that student-centred learning is the way forward, and I apologise for linking back to maths – although, I’m sure you could easily find and replace maths and insert your course – I love the idea of students using it instead of those mini whiteboards. The ability to save their learning, access it whenever and wherever and go back and revise from it is so important, especially considering it’s easier to forget things. I adore mini whiteboards for learning, but I believe the permanence of the Jamboard makes it stand out. Or the lack thereof because as soon as you’re done with a Jam, you can delete it. But you have the choice. And it’s so good to have the choice.

I would never say pack up and replace pen and paper with mini Jamboards – as cool as that would be – as I believe pen and paper will always have a place in the classroom but I don’t think it’s harmful in treating yourself to a Jam session here and then.

You also don’t need the giant board. It’s wonderful and makes your eyes go all heart eyes but it’s not necessary. The Jamboard app is just as good as the Jamboard itself (and not as heavy, portable, etc) and I’d encourage use for mind-mapping, planning, presenting and whatever else you can think of. Following the #Jamboard on Twitter is a great idea and I promise you won’t regret it – although, it might make you want to purchase your own giant board!

I feel like this isn’t much a review… rather a love letter. But I have grown peace with that.