This is mainly for my mum (love you) but I thought I’d share it on here just in case there are any other mums and dads that need a hand accessing Netflix and Amazon Prime on the ol’ PS4.

  1. Press the middle button on the controller (not the giant square one, the one underneath). This is the PS button and will control you turning on the PS4 and will take you back to the PS4 homescreen if you panic and get stuck.
  2. When the PS home screen loads, you’ll need to click the right button until you get to TV & Video. Press X on TV and video.
  3. Ignore all the bits and bobs at the bottom and focus on the top panel with all the different TV options. Press the right arrow which will change your selection and when you’re hovering over the one you want, press X.

Using the controller:

  1. If you accidentally click something, press O to bring you back
  2. If you get in a complete muddle, press the PS button to bring you back to the PS4 main page and start again
  3. Press left and right on the controller to rewind and fast forward.

Please remember to turn off the PS4 when you’re done and plug the controller in (it won’t charge but it will next time you turn it on if you leave it on charge).

  1. Press the PS button.
  2. Click the up arrow on the controller to get to the main menu.
  3. Go all the way right until the last option.
  4. Press X
  5. Go down to the option about shutting down the PS4
  6. Press X