I asked a bunch of students what they used for studying and keeping organised through their time during college. Some apps got more excitement than others but I think it’s important to constantly be updated on students favourite apps to use in-lesson and out of lesson (education-related, obvs). I tried to give an idea of what each tool was and share briefly what it was used for to give an idea of how students use each app within their study.

  1. Quizlet – to revise for exams, recap on existing knowledge
  2. Any.do – to create to-do lists to keep organised
  3. G Suite – saves automatically and accessible from anywhere
  4. Duolingo – to revise for exams and keywords
  5. Adobe Scan – to scan in written work
  6. Forest – set an hour timer for revision – if you leave the app a plant dies but if you stay on it grows fully, as you use the app more, you get a better range of plants
  7. Momentum – to keep me feeling productive
  8. Free Science Lessons – for revision, further learning

I think Quizlet is bound to be a student favourite due to its versatility and I am honestly happy that it is. I think Quizlet is a fantastic tool and it’s great to see students using it to boost their own learning. There are quite a few I had never heard of such as Forest (which seems quite cruel, but it works and I had students agreeing it would also work for them) and Any.do.