As you may know, I do love a good spreadsheet, and as COVID-19 has made it difficult for people to stay busy, a lot of prospective university students have decided to start chatting and greeting their potential course mates and roomies earlier than they probably normally would. I took this opportunity to do what I do best: organise. As more and more groups chats were being made for courses, societies, accommodation and more and more questions were being asked, I decided I’d create a spreadsheet hub to home all of the different resources around the web (sound familiar?).

The spreadsheet started off just as a way of prospective students to join the group chat of their courses. As the list grew, and student numbers increased, we introduced a Discord server, set up by another offer-holder, which was then added. As someone who tends to organise and within my role as a Technologist, I do try to help as much as possible. I ended up getting a lot of questions aimed at me about starting university. I’ve done a lot of research (as you can probably assume) and so I was easily able to answer questions about key dates, moving in, transitioning from college to uni, and student jobs. This then developed into the UoS FAQ which I initially set up on the Discord, but grew too big so was moved to a Google Doc which I could then easily update.

I (did) work with students pretty much every day and I love to create things to support them. The Student Budget Tracker I created comes with average costs of living in Southampton, I managed to chat to some current students who were happy to offer advice and guidance for Freshers and I slowly just started adding more bits and bobs to the spreadsheet to support with the transition.

The spreadsheet is something I hope that continues to grow and can continue to be used. I really hope that it supports a smooth student experience and helps students to have a better transition into Uni life. Unfortunately, I cannot link the spreadsheet as we don’t want to risk anyone joining the chat groups but here’s a screenshot πŸ™‚