One of the things I’ve increasingly had to do as a HE student during the pandemic is attempt to convert a scanned PDF into a Word doc so I can edit it. For filling out applications, I recommend Kami, but sometimes we just need the PDF as a Word doc.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a guide on how to do it and this is going to be a blog post filled with different converters you can use to do the job – sorry!

  1. Use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDFs into Word.
  2. Use smallpdf which is what I usually use, at first I was nervous to use it, but you get to a point where you’re desperate, and nothing bad has happened…
  3. If you love PDF’s, you can use I Love PDF which is what was recommended to me at my former workplace.

These are the top three I’d use but if you have any quirky ideas on how to do it (without having to pay $19.99?), I’ll be more than happy to add the tips and tricks.