Kami is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to digitally edit documents from your PC. Kami is available on the drop down through Google Drive, but you can also add it to Chrome by following this link. *You will need to be using the Google Chrome browser to be able to use Kami.

Installing Kami

  1. Follow the link above and be redirected to this page.

2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.

3. Click ‘Add extension’.

Using Kami to annotate

1. Open the document you want to digitally annotate and download it.

2. Click the Kami shortcut in your pinned extension bar.

3. Create a Kami account or use ‘Sign in with Google’ if you have a Google account.

4. Click ‘Open from Computer’.

5. Locate the document and double click to open it.

6. If required, convert the document.

7. Use the toolbar as advised below.

Exporting Kami files

  1. When you’re happy with the document, click the download icon
Highlighted in yellow

2. Click ‘Begin export’

3. The file with now download, with annotations, as a PDF document which you can then upload to the submission point.