Hello! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Lottie, and I am a first year Education student studying at the University of Southampton. I have set up this page on my blog to track my campaign for VP Education and Democracy.

I should note: my name is Charlotte, and on the vote it will display as Charlotte James.

“This is why we really liked working with you – you take on things that are unfair for others even though it isn’t as unfair for you.”

Anonymous, former colleague

Hello! I’m Lottie and I’d like to be your VP Education and Democracy. My focus is prioritising
your voice and ensuring you’re represented by SUSU. This can mean a lot of things, but I’d
like to concentrate on your wellbeing, your education, your right to make change, and
through this, your overall experience.

你好! 我是競選VP Education and Democracy一職的Lottie 我的競選的重點是把你們的聲音傳達給學生會SUSU,確保學生的意見能被接納。不過,這個可以代表很多東西,所以我想專注在大家的心理健康 學業 權利 讓同學都能做出改變 擁有最好的大學體驗。

I don’t want you to be disappointed by your representatives. I want to make sure that you
receive a good quality education. I will hold faculties accountable for student feedback and
ensure students get the opportunity to provide feedback and raise concerns with their
representatives. Your feedback should be taken seriously and into consideration with
decision-makers at the university when discussing your education. I want to tie the role of
the personal academic tutor into your studies by providing frequent communication and
support for you, not just for your education, but also for your future and your wellbeing.


I believe your voice is loud enough to create the change you want to see which is why I want
to create a SU that works for and with students, an election process that engages and
empowers students, and for everything we do at SUSU to be accessible for students. I want
to prepare for the future by providing life and digital skill workshops for both teaching staff
and students, and ensure new students feel at home when they move into their halls in

If elected, my main focus during my year as VP Education and Democracy will focus on the following 宣言:

  • Mental health is prioritised for all students alongside their education.
  • 提倡心理健康在教育上的重要性
  • Faculties are accountable for student feedback and implementing buddy schemes.
  • 實行學長學弟計劃並加大開放學生對機構的評論
  • Standardisation for personal academic tutors.
  • 標定個人導師標準
  • Student voice and feedback is prioritised and voting is accessible.
  • 優先處理學生建議 確保學生有權利評價和投票
  • Students offered free life and digital skills workshops.
  • 提供免費生活技能科技工作坊

I chose these points because they’re important to me, and I hope they’re equally important to you. I shouldn’t have to say ‘prioritise mental health’ but I feel it is still a point that needs to be said, just in case it is ever put aside. Your mental health should never be put aside and I will work hard to make sure it is never put aside. I want your voice, your feedback and your views to be recognised, understood, prioritised and used to improve education, experience, welfare services and your future. Faculties should not get away with avoiding student feedback and course representatives are the key to this. I also want you to feel prepared for the future in this everchanging digital society, we see too many Tumblr memes about not knowing how to budget, to do taxes, to move out, feeling unprepared for the ‘real world’ and I want more priority on this – you can Google how to create a CV, it’s not as straight forward as paying your council tax or understanding your credit score. I’m not suggesting there shouldn’t be workshops for CV’s, but I feel there are other areas that should also take priority.


“In the incredibly short time Lottie has been a student at the UoS, her efforts have gone above and beyond, and exceeded those of anyone else I’ve seen to fight for student’s needs and rights. She speaks loudly and determinedly on behalf of all.”

Skye Vorbrich, UoS Geophysics student

So why me? I have extensive experience in education and supporting unions, making me an
ideal candidate for VP Education and Democracy.

  • Led the successful petition of the 2020/21 UoS halls refund.
  • As an Education course representative, listened and voiced student feedback, including less breakout rooms, more skills and assignment workshops, deadline dates, and created a space for students to communicate and collaborate online.
  • Created materials for starting university for offer-holders, including budget trackers, information for mature learners, resources for mental health, an in-depth FAQ, and provide specific support, guidance, and preparing for university tips.
  • Part of the Learner Voice Practitioners Network to enhance learner voice and student representation across the UK.
  • Led the SU at my previous college, leading successful campaigns into sustainability and accessibility, and ran digital and life skills workshops.
  • New technology implemented by our Senior Management Team, at the college, I ensured student views were prioritised.
  • Co-managed eight students supporting training staff and students on technology at a vocational college.
  • As part of the National Society of Apprentices Leadership Team, I discussed mental health, furlough, teacher wellbeing, and career progression for students as part of the COVID-19 parliamentary committee; and demonstrated how to use digital tools to enhance remote delivery to provide consistent, high-quality education, as well as supporting student mental health in the Netherlands.
  • 作為教育計劃的代表,我已聽取並表達了學生的反饋意見,包括減少小組討論室,增加技能和作業研討會,截止日期,並為學生提供在線交流和協作的空間。
  • 為報價持有人創建了一個電子表格,其中包括預算跟踪器,面向成熟學習者的信息,心理健康資源,深入的FAQ和特定支持,大學建議的指導和準備。
  • 學習者從業者網絡的一部分可以增強英國學習者和學生代表的聲音。
  • 我曾在上一所大學領導過SU,領導過向可持續性和可及性的成功遷移,並舉辦了有關數字和生活技能的研討會。
  • 我們大學的高級管理團隊採用的新技術可確保學生的觀點得到優先考慮。
  • 共同管理八名學生,以支持一所職業學院的培訓師和技術學生。
  • 作為國家學徒協會領導小組的一部分,我討論了作為COVID-19議會委員會成員的心理健康,休假,教師福祉和學生專業發展;並演示瞭如何使用數字工具來增強遠程交付,以提供一致的高質量教育並支持荷蘭學生的心理健康。

“Lottie’s passion for education and innovation is unrivalled. She has consistently demonstrated a genuine desire to improve the learning experience, prioritise mental health and push for more and more innovation in education. She is the ideal candidate to represent her fellow students’ interests.”

Priya Lakhani, OBE, former colleague

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my manifesto, my rambling as an extra description of why I want to represent you and I really hope you can trust in me to represent you next year. If you’d like to follow my campaign, click on the Facebook and Instagram icons above.


All my love,