A student reached out to me asking that I ensure Enabling Services were kept updated with the complexities of ADHD and how it could affect an individuals education. I decided to raise this as a You Make Change with success!

Request: Request that Enabling Services understands the complexities of ADHD & offers support for students: RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) is something students with ADHD at the university do struggle with. It is important that our support services stay up-to-date with the ways in which they can support all students inclusively. We also request that the university take this into consideration when working with students, including accepting extensions, special considerations, attendance marks, and anything else that may affect the individual’s education.

Response: Our Disability Practitioners make every effort to stay up to date with the ways in which we can support students and take the opportunity to regularly and proactively share knowledge with their peers. We will ensure that RSD is tabled for discussion at a future Disability Practitioner knowledge share. When our Disability Practitioners meet with students, they will always try to understand the full extent to which their diagnosis and any associated conditions may impact their time at University. It is important for students to fully discuss such matters when they meet their practitioners as this will help us put the appropriate support in place. – Nicole Akuezumba, VP Welfare & Community.