This post includes a list of tools, websites and apps that can support digitally assessing students. I have also included online courses that will develop prior understanding of using digital tools for assessment within the classroom. This list will be ongoing and constantly updated as I find new tools to support assessment within digital teaching and learning.

Students can create digital portfolios to express their understanding and use them for employability. 

Mind mapping tools can support students with revision and assessments.  

Students create presentations and present them showing understanding of a particular topic.

Students can create (or complete!) quizzes to test their peers on a particular topic. 

Students can use video tools to capture evidence or for students who are better at talking, this can be incredibly accessible. 

Online courses that can provide extra knowledge, examples and ideas on using digital tools for assessment.  

Tools that can support students during assessment.  

Students can complete mathematic-based assessments.

Students can discuss and debate ideas.