I am not sure whether it has been a good thing that I’ve been able to prepare over the quarantine, or if it has given me more anxiety. I definitely over-prepared, over-packed and over-worried almost everyone around me. I tried to focus on work, but my mind drifted. What was it like to completely move out and immerse yourself into learning completely?

But I have done it now and I have learnt a lot of lessons. Therefore this blog post will really show you the mistakes you now don’t need to make because I’ve learnt from them, and I’m sharing my experiences so you learn from them too…

  • It’s okay if you’re nervous to meet people. Everyone always says “OMG be a social butterfly, wedge your door open and say hello to everyone!” but I won’t lie to you, the first day is super stressful and if you’re a bit introverted like me, take the first day or two to just get used to your surroundings and deal with the fact you’re an adult now, living independently and have to keep yourself alive. I was terrified to meet people. I met everyone on Discord and there were about three meet-ups I avoided before I finally was persuaded to go to one, and it wasn’t that bad as my mind had made it out to be.
  • You might not be friends with the people you meet on the group chats. Most of the people I’ve met I’m acquainted with, but I wouldn’t say we’re besties. Everyone tends to spend more and more time with their flatmates and course mates and eventually, you don’t really fit into those social settings. But that’s absolutely fine. Do not cling onto the friends you made on WhatsApp in March before you even firmed your university, branch out, join societies, make new friends. University is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in a way you will never get again so don’t spend it regretting not attending that party, or being sad that someone left the friendship group!
  • Don’t go into private halls for your first year unless you’re sure you want to be alone. Private halls tend to be cheaper and offer more facilities but my experience has been incredibly lonely. Only one out of three other housemates moved in and we’re both just different people. I watched all my friends have flat parties, go out and stay out and I was too far away to join in (these streets are not safe) and suddenly the money I was saving just wasn’t worth the experience I was missing out on.
  • Don’t pack your bedroom. Just don’t. You literally have the smallest room, you don’t need everything. I brought egg cups. I don’t eat eggs. I brought my Harry Potter books so when people came into my room they could see I read Harry Potter. No one came in my room and if they did, do you really think they cared about whether or not I read Harry Potter? The answer is no. No they did not. You will collect and buy lots of random things for your room so give yourself that opportunity to just start fresh. Bring some clothes and necessities, but leave awards, certificates, books you don’t read, misc kitchen appliances, and anything else random at home. If it turns out you can’t live without it, you can go home and get it.
  • You’re not moving to Mars. I literally said this to myself as I ordered random things that I might need off of the internet. It’ll be a lot easier for you to move, pack the car, settle in and get partying if you just buy everything when you’re there. Please believe me because I didn’t and I have no idea how I’m going to get the stuff I took in September, plus the 15 books I bought in my second week and whatever else I have bought to try and reward myself for completing an assignment for a degree I willingly and voluntarily chose to take.
  • Don’t base your future off of a mean girl on a WhatsApp group. I’ll keep this short. I enrolled to University to study Education and Psychology, I dropped Psychology because a girl was cruel to me, she didn’t even get into my university. I don’t regret dropping Psychology because statistics is hard and I can barely cope with stats in Education but don’t make life decisions based off of chats. Or Instagram, I see people doing that… it’s fine letting your followers choose your day but… your degree and uni? Please… do not… I say this with a lot of love and kindness but these decisions need to come from you.

That’s all I have for now. I am sure there will be more and I was thinking of doing a post of things you SHOULD do as a Fresher because we love a bit of positivity over here. Honestly, just have fun with your first year of university. Obviously study, but it’s a great experience you might not get to experience again.