As I come to the end of my internship and begin my training and handover to become SUSU’s VP of Education and Democracy, I have been given the opportunity to reflect on my time as a CHEP intern. 

This internship has been vital for allowing me to not only indirectly support the student experience, but also in developing my understanding and expanding my knowledge on how the university is run, how much effort goes into the development and training of lecturers and academic staff, and how the university decision-making process prioritises students in every step. 

This internship has been a great stepping stone for me to see how my manifesto and plans for my term in office can come to life. I have been able to work closely with staff who work to ensure a high standard of quality at the university, and actively work to enhance academic standards by implementing various projects that directly impact teaching, learning and the student experience. 

I have been able to work with various key staff and students from across the university, developing my relationship with course representatives, postgraduates and the senior leadership team who are interested in supporting the university and the union in improving the student experience. I have also developed communication skills, problem-solving and understanding student engagement, and being able to present to decision-makers at the university. 

I am very lucky to have been able to complete an internship with CHEP, and I’d highly recommend it to any student who is keen to actively make a change and affect the decision process at the university.