Today’s the day!

Everything I have been working on over the last five months is about to be scrutinised by the Senate and any students who have decided to come along and watch. I am very excited, a little nervous about trying to get through my report and plans in five minutes, and keen to see the turnout.

I am very proud of myself for sticking to my manifesto and keeping each point a priority while adding other goals and plans. I have been told a lot that I have a lot I want to achieve this year and I plan to set out concrete roots for all of them. I only have a year (and five months have already passed) so I’m aware of time constraints, but I don’t want that to force me to remove plans and goals, especially when I know I can achieve them.

It has been very difficult over the last few months as Senate has to approve our plans before we can go ahead and publicise them (though they are now live on SUSU’s website so it is fine I have linked them below). I have been creating snippets of what I’m up to as I try to be completely transparent with students, but I have also had to have the disclaimer mentioning it is yet to be approved by Senate.

I sit here writing this an hour before Senate and I am shaking. I am anxious to see what the students think of what I’m doing and if they still find what they elected me for relevant. I am nervous as it has been a long time since I presented to a large group of people, and I am excited because I finally get to release them and tell everyone what I’m doing (to an extent, obviously).

Even though I think I am doing well and keeping to everything and prioritising the student voice, all will be revealed when Senate approve or deny my plans at 12pm. Wish me luck!