Ah, December.

December started off great – I was able to be part of the Student Panel for the recruitment of the new VP Education and Student Experience alongside students. It was a great opportunity and I was so thrilled to be part of it and gain that experience.

Unfortunately, after the first week of December, I was signed off sick due to anxiety, depression and I was struggling to stay motivated and felt incredibly burnt out. This is a usual time for me and the Winter blues but while I’d normally be able to stretch myself to the Winter break, I couldn’t get there. It took a lot, but I finally decided that I couldn’t be effective at my job of representing students if I was overwhelmed and burnt out.

Smaller achievements:

  • I raised the noise disruption on sites which causes issues for neurodiverse students.
  • Quiet halls will now be prioritised for those who ask for them, e.g., if you ask, you will get!