I am so excited to announce that I have accepted an internship within the Digital Team at the University of Southampton from the 11th of July.

It feels surreal that I am going back to my roots. Purely because I was worried I’d never go back to it, especially as I move into student experience and engagement. It’s quite difficult to stay up-to-date with edtech and what’s happening on Twitter and within the industry if you’re not directly working in the industry. Since I left BCoT, I have tried my best to stay up-to-date (and relevant) but I worried I’d never get my foot in again.

I am really happy about how quickly we managed to put this together. I raised the idea of working in the Digital Team earlier this year, and the team quickly found areas that would benefit from having me. As improving the digital capabilities of staff and students is something I am keen on doing during my term as Southampton University’s Students’ Union’s Vice President of Education and Democracy, it’s exciting I can continue my goals into the internship.

After a chat with the team, we have decided to place me in the Educational Services team who look after education facing duties, such as accessible content, using edtech and training staff. While I will only be in the position for ten short weeks, I have a lot I can contribute and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to leave my mark on the University’s digital journey.

During the internship, I will be:

  • Developing LinkedIn Learning content to support students during their academic journeys,
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the JISC Capability Service the University will be implementing,
  • Research and report on existing tailored pathways for students,
  • Audit current resources at the University,
  • Create a list of resources, grouped by ability,
  • Draft a comms plan to be used as a resource for students in using the Capability Service,
  • Developing multimedia content to support student-facing comms,
  • Develop user stories that work with the skills newly graduates need within a digital workforce.

I am super enthusiastic to get started with this project. The team are incredible, and I can really see how this project will positively impact the students at the University. To be able to work in a student-focused team, do the things I love and develop my skills is a blessing, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given access to since starting at the University in September 2020.