Dear 15-year-old-me,

You made it.

You’re angry; do something with it. Change the world. Michael Gove upset you, but it took you four years to be part of the change – there’s so much you can do as a teenager. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young, there are bigger problems, or you’re too small to be able to do anything.

Literally don’t even worry about GCSE maths, you pass it in 2018 and you’ve got a really cool story out of it that people still want to hear (by the way, it’s 2022).

You went to university really late, but you got in and it’s great. Right now, at 15, you’re stuck between being a food tech teacher or a religious education teacher — both … very different subjects. Stick with teaching because it’ll give you an incredible experience that you’ll realise isn’t for you, and that’s okay! Without it, you wouldn’t be as passionate and you wouldn’t have done half of the things you achieved before you were twenty years old. Oh, and by the way, you got into a Russell Group university and right now, that means nothing, but it’s pretty cool to say — once, to your mum, who also doesn’t know what it means. You’re studying Education and as I write this, you were elected the Vice President of Education and Democracy which probably means nothing to you right now — but I guess that means now you don’t have to worry about the campaign as much? But do because this is your dream job.

I don’t know which side of 15 this will be delivered to, but please stay away from that boy. He doesn’t even look that much like Spider-Man and when you meet the NEW Spider-Man, you won’t even know what you saw in him. Also, watch all of the Marvel films. Also, I finally got tickets to see Justin Bieber and I’m only going because you’d want me to. However, they are in 2023 so just hold on, okay?

Also, there will be a remake of the original Spyro trilogy and Ratchet and Clank 2002. Do not buy Dynasty Warriors 9 as it’s a waste of money, but do buy Samurai Warriors 5.

So, I’m sure this letter was meant to be about work and progress, but I spent way too much money on Dynasty Warriors 9, and there are things that you need to hear at 15 to save money and energy.

Oh, and by the way, you’re not friends with anyone you’re currently friends with. I’m not saying you’re wasting your time, but don’t commit too much to your friend group as you’re 24 and don’t speak to any of them.

You should also do a BTEC after school and not go to QMC just because you feel like you have to. At the end of the day, no one actually cares and you’ve achieved more than you ever would studying Religious Studies, English Language, Applied IT and Business — what a set of a-levels that don’t match whatsoever. Also, you should learn all of the educational technology tools so when you meet Scott, you can be like, “here are tools I know how to use for some reason” and you’ll be really cool and it’ll make sense.

Also, Sky doesn’t hate you, and she is the most incredible person ever. (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying that she’s just as worried as you are.)

Your GCSE grades don’t matter, but they’re a better way to spend your time than the drama you’re currently going through. Also, read more and play games, you deserve to have a fun-filled life so stop putting yourself under so much pressure and stress.

Love me.

P.S. Save every penny; pocket money, salary, birthday money, all of it. WE ARE BROKE.