Please use this as a guide for your own Production Schedule 

This is just a guide – YOUR IDEAS/ PLANS WILL CHANGE – but it is crucial to have a plan for our time to ensure deadlines are met.

Week beginningVideo project Assignment deadlines to consider…Responsibilities (What will you do each week?)What have you done each week?
05/12/15Ensure all planning and pre-production are complete! []Ask Scott about previous Digital Leaders and people who have worked alongside the team and arrange meetings with them to meet them to interview for the documentary. [x]
Make a plan of potential questions that I can ask. []
Get in contact with all potential actors. [x]
Arrange what is to be asked to the current team. []
Asked Scott about the previous Digital Leaders. Facebook messaged Tom, Niru and Jed regarding their involvement within the documentary. Contacted current Digital Leaders and asked about any preferences and let them know I will start filming in January. I have been in contact and got permission from Trudy to be involved as well as got information regarding other Lecturers who also attended Inset Days with guest speakers (Bob Harrison)Planned footage to film Holly and Will.
12/12/16Arrange questions []
Explore animations []
Get a clear idea of what I want the documentary to be like []
19/12/16Check back in with availability for all cast []Fit questions for cast members []Ensure all current Digital Leaders are up and running with Tellagami []
03/01/16Ensure all current Digital Leaders are up and running with Tellagami []Ask former Digital Leaders about if they would prefer to be animated []Have a set timetable of who is saying what when and how many for definite actors I have []
09/01/16Film Holly and Will []Calendar invitations have been sent to Holly and Will
You get the idea…

Please create entries up until March 2017 – this is when your VIDEO PRODUCTION will be complete

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