Name: Charlotte Lécuyer        Dates of working off-campus……………………………………..

Project: Documentary        Equipment being used: Cameras/Tripods/Backdrops

Do you need to use this form? This form is an important part of planning any activity that takes place .  If you intend to work on any academic or production activity off campus, please fill out this form and discuss any risks with your tutor.  In many cases, there will be no risks that can be identified and only SECTIONS A and C will need to be completed.  Where there are risks SECTION B must be completed.  Only forms completed to a satisfactory standard and signed by your tutor will be accepted.

Please remember that you may not be allowed to proceed with your off-campus activity if this form is not completed.  

Section A 

A number of potential hazards associated with working off campus are listed below.  Examine each in the light of your activity and tick yes or no. 

1Lone workingN10Working in/near waterN19Caves/tunnel/quarriesN
3Hoists12Vehicles /TrafficN21Fight sequencesN
4LightingY13AircraftN22Violent intervieweesN
6Smoke EffectsN15PropsY24Child performersN
7Working in poor visibilityN16CostumesN25Drug UsersN
9Working at heightsN18Electrical Cables/ PylonsMM27Guns/FirearmsN
28. Use this space to detail any other potential hazards associated with your assignment

Section B*

If you ticked any “Y” boxes in Section A,  then please complete Section B.

Hazard no:2Cabling
There is a risk that someone may trip on the cabling. Any cabling is important to cover or move as it can be a hazard if someone were to trip over them.Hazard no: 18 – Electrical cablesThere is a risk that someone may trip over the electrical cables or could be electrocuted. The electrical cables could also be faulty. This can be a hazard as someone could trip or get electrocuted/seriously hurt.

Control – To minimize this risk we can tidy up the cables by putting them in cable ties or remove any unnecessary cables.To minimise this risk, I can ensure all electrical cables have been PAT tested and have no faults. I can check the cables to ensure they are fixed and safe. I can use cable ties to tie up any cables that may get in the way. 

Communication –  I will warn all actors/actresses of any cabling beforehandI will warn all actors/actresses of where all the cables are/electrical cables and/or mains are so they are aware.

Hazard no:4Lighting
There is a risk that a light might fall or break or could be too bright. This is important to check any faults and ensure brightness is at a good level as it could be a hazard if it were to fall, explode or hurt someone’s eyes.Hazard no. 23: Actors and Perfomers:There is a risk that an actor could be sick on the day of filming or not turn up. It is important to check all actors availability and ensure they will be okay and have a back-up day if not. 

Check lighting’s PAT test and ensure lighting is suitable for all cast and crew. Check availability. There are enough actors to cover, if necessary, 

I will ask if all cast and crew members are okay with lighting. I will keep in contact with cast to ensure their availability and check if others are okay to cover, if needed.

Section C

The following students are working on this project:

To the best of my belief the information given is correct and completeSigned (STUDENT) __________________________________________________________ 
Date: _______ / ________ / ________
Based on the information supplied, I hereby authorise this activity:Signed (TUTOR) ___________________________________________________________ Date: _______ / ________ / ________

* Please complete Risk Assessment Continuation sheets if additional space is required.

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