Analyse different ways of using minimum core in the delivery of your lessons, give examples of literacy, numeracy, ICT & language. Comment on how successful these methods are in improving core skills.

I deliver Games Testing to 16-23 year olds. It can be difficult to differentiate work due to the age difference and skill level difference.

Ways I can use English in my delivery:

  • Speaking to learners – delivering the session, managing behaviour, greeting students, praising students
  • Getting learners to listen – to video tutorials, to you delivering the session, to each other in peer collaboration work
  • Having learners read resources
  • Getting learners to check their assignments – checking spelling, grammar and punctuation, reading,

Ways I can use maths in my delivery:

  • Getting learners to calculate how many bugs have passed/ failed/ how many there are etc
  • Timing games testing for students giving them real life industry scenarios

Ways I can use digital and ICT in my delivery:

  • Using presentations, getting learners to complete interactive presentation and activities
  • Getting learners to use videos to help them learn how to do new topics
  • Using Google Classroom in the lesson, getting learners to answer questions

The methods I am using with my learners are successful because it means they are learning the skills without necessarily realising.