The games soundtrack will consist of distant, dark music with low tones and soft metal tracks that keeps the player to feel as if it is constantly being haunted by Death and setting the mood as mysterious and on edge. This will be the default musical setting and will run throughout the game as more sounds will be put on top, for example, at fight scenes the music will be more suspenseful. 

However, when around Death, the music becomes slightly more powerful, yet not over bearing as the music being too loud will ruin the immersion for the player. Sound effects to the games will contrast to the musical styling with sharper sounds and a more echoer vibe. 


The available accessibility options will be available inside the case in the games manual as well as the affiliating website and anything else Nintendo requires. Accessibility options will be saved and remembered to the device and game and accessibility options will include:

  • A choice of different difficultiesΒ 
  • A manual save feature
  • An auto save feature
  • Controls can be reconfigured to assist smooth gameplay for players
  • Sensitivity levels can be reconfigured to assist smooth gameplay for players
  • The game will be able to supportΒ 
  • The last game played will automatically start when game starts up
  • The default font size will be readable and clear with a good format and can be resized in the options menu
  • Tutorials
  • Progressive text at players pace which can be reconfigured in settings
  • Reminders of game objectives
  • Essential information will be indicated in a different colour in text
  • When game auto saves, available thumbnails
  • Different sounds for different events
  • Narrative and instructions can be replayed
  • 3D can be turned off
  • Separate background music, speech and effects sliders which can be muted.Β