Designing History

Version 1.0

I have decided to incorporate having personality options for players so the player can be more immersed and choose the personality for the character. The personality will affect various elements of gameplay but will not affect main storyline. 

Personalities to choose from can be:

  • Openness to experience (character will be more adventurous, curiosity, positive, notices art; hints and clues easier and quicker than the other personalities – the β€˜clues’ and β€˜hints’ will be slightly more visible to players than the other four personalities)
  • Conscientiousness (character will appear to be more organized and therefore will be quicker when figuring out riddles from the clues and hints that are found amongst the game)
  • Extraversion (character will be more outgoing and excitable and will tend to miss clues and hints – hints and clues will be less visible – accomplices will be more against helping as character could be classed as annoying)
  • Agreeableness (more agreeing when it comes to Death and accomplices, easily to fall for tricks and guardian pixie has to be more strict in order for the character to not go ahead and sign the contract and is more likely to fall for accomplices tricks and gets herself in trouble more likely)
  • Neuroticism (this character is pretty negative and is surprised when things work out, the character doesn’t really get into combat as well and mainly gets saved by guardian pixie)

Version 1.1

As I have included the personality options, I feel as if it would be more realistic if the player then had a dialogue range based on their personality range. I think these will be the same no matter the gender and these are only default dialogue.

Default dialogue would include:

  • Openness to experience 

β€œI have the best ideas.”

  • Conscientiousness β€œI am always prepared.”
  • Extraversion

β€œI enjoy being the centre of attention.”

  • Agreeableness 

 β€œBut, what about their emotions?”

  • Neuroticism 

β€œHe’s going to win in the end.”

Version 1.2

Given personality traits, to keep the characters more like their personalities, I could give them different clothing models. I will attempt to keep them similar depending on gender and offer two different clothing models for both genders. As the main character will be teenagers, I plan on keeping them in school outfits.

Version 1.3

The main character gets given a specific armour when they meet the guardian pixie. This will depend, again, on their personality and their gender.

Version 1.5

The game will only be playable on the 3DS.