General Game Description

Due to unforeseen circumstances at birth, the main character gets greeted by the Grimm Reaper three months before their eighteenth birthday, in which he tells the main character that they have a three months before their soul will be taken and they will be owned by the Grimm Reaper. They also get told that in order for Grimm to β€˜repossess’ their soul, they will have to sign a contract handing over their soul to Death. A few days later when the main character is confused of what to do as her parents have been possessed to stop them attempting to escape Death, the main character is greeted by a clumsy girl who claims to be the main characters guardian angel. The angel offers advice to go and seek out a warlock who the angel believes can help the main character to put a stop to Death. The warlock offers the main character a pendant, which apparently repents Death, which the main character eventually accepts however they must steal the cloak from Death to return the favour. During one of Death’s many drop ins, the main character plots to steal the cloak however the warlock turns up during the main character distracting Death and steals the cloak and disappears. The pendant fails to work after the disappearance of the warlock and Death blames the main character for the warlock stealing his cloak and therefore kills her guardian angel. The main character then is hopeless and has to then escape the Grimm Reaper and manages to repent the being by using an unknown, uncontrollable source which throws Death back and sends the main character into another place. The player will return to either their home or the study of the warlock depending on the players’ choice; if the player decides to return home, the player will have to then attempt to find the study without any help from the angel as the angel now ceases to exist. When or if the character has already transported to the study, the main character will find that the warlock is gone as with most of his belongings, however there is a book which contains a riddle which will completely remove Death. The riddle means to get rid of Death, the main character must use the power it clearly has to get rid of Death. Eventually, the main character will figure this out and luckily, the main characters a day early before their eighteenth birthday, the main character seeks out Death and has a final battle and defeats the Grimm Reaper and then decides whether or not, they want to rule over Hell with him or return home, as if nothing happened.