Game Overview

When the player chooses to begin the game, they are taken to a cut scene which explains what happens at the main characters birth (the main character dying and the mother pleading and making a deal with Death). After this cut scene, the player will take a personality test which will identify of which personality category the main character will fall under. They will also be asked to pick a gender (male or female) as well as the name of their chosen character. When this is over, the game will boot up showing a bedroom with the player inside and walking over to the door will trigger the appearance of Death and the game will launch into conversation between the two. The game will allow the main character to pick between responses which ultimately lead to the player being told that Death will back in three months to repossess their soul. 

The game will then begin and the main character will be given the Book of Death which is disguised as an Atlas in which to help the main character escape the grips of Death and to stop their soul being repossessed. This will be given to the main character by an angel who will stay with the player throughout the game to observe actions and to give player advice.

The player will get a choice on whether they would like to visit the park or the library. The library is the quickest route in order to complete the game as the player will then be going through books and find a warlock who offers to help and knows of the main characters situation. The park will trigger a memory in which is a cut scene which will show the character remembering being visited by Death when the character was younger (which Death later admits to), the collection of memories will unlock extras, for example, cheats, armours and trophies. The player will ultimately end up in the library where they will also meet the Warlock. 

The warlock will offer help in which the player will have to accept or the game will go on and time will run out and they will have their soul repossessed without being able to stop them. If a player decides to this it will give them a trophy but they will lose the game. The player will be able to go back at any time to accept the offer but it is best for time decisions to accept the offer right away. The warlock will offer the pendant and to continue they must accept a deed from the warlock which will be too eventually to obtain Death’s cloak. 

After the player has been given the pendant, the player will then be sent on various missions to obtain different things and find out the secrets of Hell. These missions will be available in the Atlas along with a map. The warlock will also give the player co-ordinates to a location of where they will find a blacksmith who gives them armour and a weapon (depending on their personality trait), the blacksmith will ask if the player will obtain the talisman for him which the player will have to agree with to pursue onwards. 

After the player has found the blacksmith, they must work out the riddle that is given to them by the blacksmith to find the talisman and once they do, they will make their way up to Hell and have a conversation with the receptionist. Enough interrogation and the receptionist will ask you to leave and throw an incense stick at you, as you have to walk further into Hell, you will have to kill the receptionist; however, when you make your first attack, several reapers will appear and you will have to kill them all in order to proceed. Going upwards, more reapers will jump out unexpectedly and you will have a time limit (30 seconds to kill everyone in sight) in which to kill them before they have time to notify the Devil (who will appear and then kill you with one hit, throwing you back to your last manual save). 

When you get to the top, there will be three doors. Two are traps and will notify the Devil and one is the room with the talisman. The rooms have words written on the door in Latin, saying β€˜joke’, β€˜trap’ and β€˜talisman’. If either of the trap doors are open, than the player will be kicked back to their last manual save (the game does auto save, but welcome to hell). 

When the player successfully obtains the talisman, they will be sent back to the warlocks study and issued a mission to pay back for the pendant. The player will be asked to retrieve the cloak off of Death. When the player decides to go elsewhere, Death will greet the player and they will have a chance to get the cloak – if they don’t, the conversation will begin to loop until the player gets bored and accepts they have to – and when they do, it will fail however the warlock will appear and steal the cloak. Death will then attempt to attack the player but the pendant will glow and push Death away and send the character back to another place. If the player attempts to go back to where they were greeted by Death, Death will not be there and everything will be as normal. 

The player has to collect different items during the time period in order to break the contract that the mother had created with Death. In order for the player to do this, the player must collect these items which are scattered amongst the game and can be retrieved from side missions.

When this has all been collected and the altar has been visited at night, the altar will give the player an option to start off the prayer. The player will be given different things to say and depending on whether the correct one is picked will depend on whether or not the contract will be burnt (the contract will set on fire itself) and when it does so, the candle will go out and it will mark the end of the contract. When the contract has gone and the candle has burnt out, the pendant will then break and they will be thrown into another setting labelled as Hell where they will ultimately fight Death; Death will bring in the Blacksmith to help him due to the player not giving the Blacksmith the Talisman.

By then, the player should be far into the game and therefore have earned enough XP in order to upgrade weapons and armours, but if the player is under a certain level, the game will boost the XP up to a minimum in which the player will be able to defeat Death, but their armour and weapons will be the minimal to give acceptable damage.

When Death and the Blacksmith has been defeated, the game will give the option to rule over Hell or go back to their normal life, both of which will have a separate cut scene on how they will live from now on and the game will be completed. 

Edit: If the player does bring in talisman to blacksmith, they will have to steal the talisman back. The blacksmith will always be in the same place and once found will be marked on the map screen.Β