In-game items Completed

An altar: the altar can be found at the library. Going through the opposite door to where the warlocks study is will give the player access to using the altar. However, the altar can only be used by the player at night time and therefore the undoing must be done quickly by the player.

Red seven day candle: the candle can be found if the player decides to go to the park rather than straight to the library. The player will obtain the candle which sits on a bench after the cutscene has ended. This candle will be the only thing collectible at the park which will show its importance.

A coal burning censer: can be found in the altar room. 

Tobacco Incense: the tobacco incense stick can be found in the reception of Hell where the character will end up visiting and can be retrieved by arguing with the receptionist enough where she throws the incense at you which gains the incense but throws you back into the Park.

Cinnamon: can be found in the kitchen at Home

The contract: the contract can be obtained at any time by arguing enough with Death where you annoy him enough about it that he just gives you it. Do not lose this.

Death’s talisman: can also be found in reception of Hell. Requires player to steal so be sure to run quick enough to not be caught or 2 days in capture and no talisman.